sexual dysfunction wierdDid you ever think you may have a wierd sexual disorder? I have listed 11 of the wierdest sexual disorders that I have come across.

  1. Sexomania; Sounds like an event you can’t miss, but there is a serious side to this, hah, funny if your watching somebody though!  Carrying out sexual acts when you are asleep, becarful if your sharing your bed with unlce bob from Texas!al Paraphillias.
  2. Dyspareunia; More common in women than men caused by mental or physical reasons, for example if a man ejaculates, he can suffer from a swift pain in his penis.
  3. Sexual addiction; The need for sex and the need to be stimulated continuous.
  4. Priapism; This sexual disorder was named after the Greek God of sex and fertility Priapus, this effects the man with a constant boner, it just can’t go down, even if there is no sexual stimulation. Serious condition, if lasts more than 4 hours, need to go to a hospital, serious complications can occur, even loss of your dear penis.
  5. Peyronie’s syndrome; Bending of the penis can cause some sharp pain.
  6. Paraphilias; An intense fascination of one of these areas fascination of having sex involving animals or with dead bodies, a love of being naked and being seen, also spying on people having sex, there is a never ending list of potenti
  7. Retrograde ejaculation: Ejaculation of a very small amount of semen, happens when sphincter not working right, semen flows in and not out, hmm strange!
  8. Coital cephalagia: Having a wicked headache just before orgasim,
  9. Male orgasmic disorder: Ability to get sexually aroused but not able to orgasm, it can be a side effect from certain medical drugs, even a medical complication or psychological problems. Usually an effect from erectile medications.
  10. Phimosis; Difficulty in retracting foreskin, ouch!,usually a big product of having diabetes.


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