massage turn onFive Areas You Can Massage to Turn Her On

Foreplay does not begin in bed. Foreplay begins the moment you too meet and maybe even before that. If you want to get your lady in bed, there are some zones in her body that you might want to concentrate on. These areas are not really the sexual parts of the body but as with everything, they are connected. Massage some of these places or at least make contact with them during the night and it’s almost like you’re preparing your bed.

1)    Back of the neck- this area is one of the places that feels stress all the time. If she’s a working girl, a little massage of the neck may be very much appreciated as it shows that you are concerned with her problems. She also immediately gets to feel your hand in an area that you might be holding on to when you two are making love.
2)    Inside of the wrist. For some reason, this area is considered as an erotic button of sorts. Add a few kisses and it would send shivers down her spine. Moreover, you get to smell her perfume better which they usually rub around that area.
3)    The Knee- Maybe this one is a little daring but this is something you do not really have to touch but more of make contact with. This is a special place because it is the last joint before you get to her special place and if you make contact higher up her knee, it is akin to being on the express lane to heaven.
4)    Feet – Offer your girl a foot massage after you get to your or her place. Most probably she’s been very tired and a little massage of the feet can definitely relax her. Women are a little sensitive when it comes to their feet so if they let them touch you there and you give a good performance, you may be given access to her other sensitive spots.
5)    Forehead, head. A massage on the head can send lightning bolts to her erogenous zones. The head is full of nerve endings and if you get to give her a head massage it’s like you have access to the control center.


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